Integrated Solutions: free websites and fee-based websites

For every hotelier the idyllic scenario is just one: to become the only lodging option for all international and local tourists who visit the city where their hotel is located, but unfortunately it has to be interpreted as it is: a utopia.

Therefore it´s indispensable to seek integrated solutions to accomplish the shared main objective among all in this industry: to have full occupancy the 365 days of the year.

Knowing, from the beginning, this won´t be possible is required a worldview of all alternatives and possibilities offered by the internet and in turn analyze how they can be integrated to optimize its implementation within a marketing strategy.

Such is the case of one of our clients who satisfactorily knew to take advantage of an antagonism: to complement a fee-based website (Booking) with a free website (TripAdvisor).


What do we mean?

Both have the same attributes: confidence and prestige among most world travelers. Then, each one has its own characteristics: TripAdvisor generates a ranking among all hotels of a specific city with guest´s comments, supreme resource for those people who are deciding which hotel to stay. Booking offers many facilities to make a reservation. Hence if a hotel enjoys a high rank on TripAdvisor but did not sign up on a fee-based website, the interested person has to enter first the hotel´s website and find the reservation engine to make a booking. Some extra seconds can mean the fall of the operation.

We recommend, with a conservative stance, to let Booking manage a low percentage of the total of the hotel´s rooms (less than 10%). This allows us to take its reservation facilities attribute to the TripAdvisor´s field.

The potentiation: TripAdvisor is the stained-glass window exhibiting the hotel in the most real and neutral way (the better rank the more possibilities) and when somebody decides to make a reservation he has all the diverse paying methods provided by Booking.

Avoid at all cost being on multiple fee-based websites because too many pop-ups will appear on the person´s screen who clicked on “Show hotels” or “Show Prices”. About this issue we will write on our next post.

We expect you share with all of us your experiences and comments about the integrated solutions you found for your hotel.

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