What is Xunny Retreats by Volalto?

Xunny Retreats by Volalto offers a new way of renting properties, giving the owners of luxury villas and apartments in the best locations of Dominican Republic, the opportunity to reach over 1 Million potential buyers en the whole world. The best of all is we do not require any Exclusivity!

Through our technologic platform we achieve to position your property in the most renown distribution channels on the web, in a way that we are able to offer a renting potential that is much higher than any other company.

Our Technology gives us direct access to the largest online vacation rental marketplace in the world, generating more bookings and leads. Through our growing list of preferred Channel Partners, your property descriptions, photos, rates, and availability calendars all synchronize in real-time on these distribution sites, delivering new guests at the click of a mouse.

Our Distribution partners include:

How do I enroll my property?

Its very simple, it consists in the following steps:

1. We make an assessment of your property to ensure it complies with the minimum requirements to rent with Volalto.

2. Rental rates are determined together in order for us to recommend you the reasonable market rates for your type of villa or apartment.

3. We sign an agreement of availability management where Volalto manages the availability of your property, allowing you to access through our web page with a user name and password that will be provided, in order for you to book at any time for your own use or for renting through another operator, and in this way not have it available for sale on our online booking and distribution system.

Which are the costs and fees?

1. Sales Commission: Volalto’s sales commission is based on a variable structure. Once the owner rates have been defined, Volalto will place a markup according to standard market margins. This will not affect the owner’s profit since the rates for the owner is net.

2. Cost per booking: In case the owner makes a reservation through our web page for his exclusive use or for renting with another operator, there will be a charge of US$ 0.50 per night booked, to be deducted from future income.

3. Pictures: It is of great importance to have high quality pictures, since this helps generate a better impression and so a higher rental potential for your property. In case you do not count with professional pictures, we can provide a qualified photograph to take them with very competitive pricing and with the latest HDR technology (High Dynamic Range).

When do I get paid?

Monthly, a rental account statement will be generated, and the revenues will be deposited to the owners preferred account within the 10 following days of the closing of the month.

However this method may vary upon agreement.

Do you have additional services?

Volalto, is a brand that specializes in tailored vacations, for this reason as a company there are additional services that we will be providing and adding to the simple property rentals, in order to increase the booking potential.

Some of the services we will offer include:

1. Private airport transfer at arrival and departure

2. Guest amenities (shampoo, shower gel, soap, etc)

3. Stocking refrigerator with food and beverages

4. Butler service and private chef

5. Cleaning services and turn down service

6. Tour and excursion packages

Which are the requirements to be in the rental program?

Under the owners responsibility the following is included:

• Maintain the services of gardening, fumigation, pool maintenance, villa maintenance (light bulbs, wood treatment, fans, electric home appliances, air conditioning, heaters) under acceptable standards to us.

• Maintain current with the payment of general services (water, electricity, phone and internet service, cable).

• Maintain the standards of furnishing and equipment that exist at the moment of initiating the rental agreement.

Optional Services

The owner will have the option to contract his own personnel to provide cleaning and maintenance services required to maintain the property and guest services when occupied, or may as well contract such services with our company.