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There are two parts at any marketing scenario: the client and its provider (the expert). The first one has a need or a problem and the second, supposedly the solution. It may exist also a fusion among both when the provider, with expertise, knows how and passion, listens carefully to what the client´s needs. This society strengthens and enhances the individual faculties of the binomial generating a commitment towards an integral action to accomplish the seeking objectives.



From the beginning we feel part of every client´s staff, but nobody knows more about your company than you. Thus, your experience and knowledge combined with our passion and analytic and creative vision converge into a unique dynamism which directs to the wished results. Together we think. Together we build. Together we can.


Advise small and middle hotels to increase profitably their occupation, applying an analytic and creative traceability and proposing strategies and actions to optimize their organic positioning.


Be the first option as the strategic partner of the small and middle hotels in Dominican Republic and other selected emerging countries to increase their occupancy in a profitable way with happy guests, taking our passion, know how, commitment and confidentiality as fundamental pillars.

Methodology and work philosophy

1.       Your problem, our inspiration

Challenges are our specialty which turns every meeting with our clients in the antechamber of something exciting. No matter how complex that your problem is or if you have pharaonic objectives our muse´s spark lights always on.

 2.       International malleability

Globalization and internet allow to generate bonds between two points separated by thousands miles. Our adaptation capacity to diverse scenarios and fast interpretation of any information class permits us to face all demands. Add to that nowadays there´re endless ways to stay connected 24 hours a day.

 3.       Analytics and creative traceability

Analyze cronologically the taken actions by the hotel/company since its origin to present to obtain a cosmovision of all processes and stages. This sets up the bases to determine objectives and then to build a creative strategy to reach them respecting the values and hotel´s identity.

 4.       You are your own competition

It´s vital to know the status of the hotel/company regarding its competitors and the implemented actions to conceptualize a context and to know which role it has inside of it. Once its place is known it has to compare with itself to test procedures and results in a precise and exact way.

 5.       Organic positioning

It invokes the natural flowing on a constant rhythm. It takes the needed time to become noticed, it doesn’t avoid phases. If the PLC (Product Life-cycle) is put under pressure it generates a paste hindering a high positioning. We work proactively to achieve an optimum and individual positioning based on attributes and benefits of the hotel.

 6.       Evaluative commitment

Results have to be analyzed rigorously, thus statistic tools are indispensable in our work. 

It allows us to accurately and precisely evaluate the decisions made in order to verify its effectiveness, or to make changes as necessary to achieve the desired objectives.

 7.       Technological trends

Cyber volution and technological advances require constant updating of the material to apply, whether as the focus of analysis or further strategic planning.


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