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In 2020 at Volalto, we started our compromise and journey towards sustainability and becoming an environmentally friendly company. We determined that plastic is one of the worst contaminants and there is a lot of plastic used in every rental. We determined we could make an impact on our rentals by using refillable amenities and reducing single use plastic bottles,  and so our challenge started.


Unfortunately refillable amenities were not seen as part of a luxury product or amenity. However, the increase in people’s awareness around the world through the latest Netflix Documentaries and seeing what happened during the Coronavirus Pandemic “in a good way” to our oceans and forests, made us realize the alarming rate at which we humans are destroying our soil and killing animals without even realizing it.

After a long 14 month research and trial period, we started the implementation of Ecofill by Groupe GM, a solution for Luxury bathroom amenities that is already used by important hotel groups and 5 star hotels like Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental and Sofitel. This system reduces the use of single-use plastic compared to standard single use amenities by an incredible 33 times.

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The amount of plastic waste and unused plastic bottles used in a vacation rental villa is absurd. Guests will take a bottle, drink a sip, then put it somewhere then forget where it is or mix with someone else’s bottle and will open a new bottle. More plastic to discard without reason.

We understand many people are concerned about quality and safety of water, this is why we started with the implementation of Water stations, in order to motivate our guests to be more conscious about plastic water bottle consumption and give the ability to reduce their own footprint during their vacation. 


Creating awareness and explaining the reason behind certain things makes us humans appreciate more certain thins and understand better how we are making an impact in the different ways we live or enjoy our vacations.

The displays cards we have for the bathrooms will explain why the use of refillable amenities is important and the impact it makes, and the tent cards by the water station will motivate anyone to choose a glass of water over bottled water.

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